My name is Latoya T. Duncan, friends call me Toya and family call me Poochi. My several names turns out to be symbolic of the several careers I have pursued and is currently pursuing.

My first passion in life was to be a model. As a very young child, I always proclaimed “Picture me!” as a way to get myself photographed because I love to be in front of the camera. Not much has changed : )

I was born in Jamaica and raised in Brooklyn, NY; When I was three years old, my family and I migrated to New York for a better life and to achieve the “American Dream.” My wonderful mother guided and encouraged me to dream big and to be whatever it is I wanted to be. Believing in that guidance and being as head strong as I am; I am determined to do just that.

If anyone is like me, then you have gone through the motions of the different type of careers you thought you wanted to do. I have gone from picking a Model to a Pediatrician to an Accountant to a Lawyer to where I am now, whew! Can anyone else relate? My mind has changed several times simply because an experience sparked an interest; then I put myself into positions to give me an idea of what those careers might be like i.e. summer youth at a medical clinic or interning in an accounting office (I suggest everyone find a way to get some experience or view of what you think you want to do!) It gave me clarity and confirmation that my heart knows what it wants.

I chose to be a Model, Actress and Lawyer – which I am. There are highs and there are lows.

It was not until later in life when I realized that I wanted to help others find their dream home. This was unexpected, as the passion developed as I searched for my first home. I have been hooked ever since. My titles now include Realtor®, Real Estate Consultant, and Home Beauty Consultant aka Interior Designer.

I graduated cum laude and with honors from Stony Brook University double majoring in Business Management and Political Science. I then earned my law degree from New York Law School as a Center of Real Estate Studies Associate. As a lifelong resident of New York, I sell residential and commercial properties in Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn and the surrounding New York City areas. I do take extreme care in my commitments to serving clients and customer needs; I believe in the three most important “R’s” to my clients and customers: Responsiveness, Reliability and Respectability.

As a true believer in creating our own destiny and the law of attraction. Even with all the seeming struggles and unfortunate circumstances, I refuse to let anything hold me back – sometimes I am kicking and screaming along the way – but I keep going because I know there is more to life. Life is meant to be happy and fulfilling, so I am here to be happy and fulfilled. We all are and I hope to motivate and inspire others to do the same. 

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