How to Divide Your Focus for Success


HOW to focus and more importantly: 

How to focus on more than ONE thing?? Hmmm

So you’re stuck. You have “too” many desires, passions and/or hobbies.

How do you pick? Where do you start? Must you sacrifice ALL for the sake of ONE?

The short answer is no, you don’t have to sacrifice all of your interests to succeed at one.


The Long Answer: An answer I too struggled to find; and here’s what I’ve determined:

IN order to achieve any of your passions (the things you enjoy doing; I will have a separate post to tackle the heavy duty word “passion”), you must FOCUS, concentrate and be CLEAR as to what you are focusing on – what do you hope to achieve? What’s your big picture?


For example, you are interested in both dancing and skateboarding; and it seems impossible to do both. Do you need to pick ONE? Well, here’s an exercise that I have used to help me get clear on my focus. 

Get a pen and pad. Then on two separate pages, headline one for dancing and the other for skateboarding. Now under each heading, you will have three very important questions to ask yourself:

(1) What do I want to achieve?

(2) Why do I want to achieve it?

(3) Why do I expect to achieve it?

Answering these questions will serve as the conduit to get you on the right track. The answers do not have to be long, overdrawn or perfect. The answers could surely be simple. These questions are designed to help you get clear about your focus. TARGETED focus. 

Do not be discouraged if you begin to think that your answers are not “good enough.” It’s an exercise in order to help you, not hurt you. You might even realize that your “passion” is something you really have no interest in pursuing. This exercise is great for path determination. So keep going. 

Note: I encourage revisiting this exercise to keep getting clear and focused. 

How do I know if this exercise is working for me? Well, I keep going until my thoughts are clear and I begin to actually picture these desires in my mind. What mental pictures am I seeing? Back to the original example: What type of dancing am I performing? Am I on a stage? What type of skateboard am I using? Am I on a team? Get detailed as best as you can … You get the idea…this is a sure sign that you are on the right track. 

Note: This exercise is a mental and physical exercise that will either gently push or shove you into taking action. 

Now, you should be all clear about your multiple “passions.”


Now, here’s the part that will help you to organize your focus: a CALENDAR! That’s right.

Download this free calendar I use. It’s focused on the workday, this calendar template works with any week of the year, letting you set and keep track of appointments/tasks/goals between 8 am and 5 pm. Of course you can work longer than the hours set forth. Download here

Your focus is indeed stronger and more powerful when it is targeted and concentrated, but this does not mean your focus is limited. Focus is unlimited and always growing. What we’re not taught is how to use it to achieve efficiently; and a basic calendar can increase your productivity dramatically – you just have to stick with it. 

I have been using a calendar since I’ve been in college and it’s something I will never get rid of. It truly keeps me organized and on target. 

On your calendar, you will dedicate time to each passion. You must write in your calendar each time block for each focus, even better to write in each time block: what you plan to achieve in that time block. BE INTENTIONAL. This will keep you on track, deviating from this will surely cause you to become distracted. 

Note: Your time block dedicated to each focus includes but is not limited to research, practice, classes, courses, meetings, and/or any type of expansion adding to your personal growth, etc. The point is to always be moving within and towards that focus.


Now, I hope that you know what your focus(es) are and how to hone in onto them. 

“You get what you think about, whether you want it or not.” ~Abraham Hicks


This exercise, is meant for clarity and organization – dividing your focus in order to achieve success; and in addition to these awesome benefits this exercise helps to build confidence. Confidence to get you going and taking action towards your passions. Well, it works for me and I hope it will work for you too!


When you are flustered, overwhelmed, distracted and discouraged, you’re left feeling very frazzled and unfocused. The first step is to always get clear. 

This is why it is important to be intentional and have clear focus, then get organized – as you want to take control of your focus(es) in order to be successful!

Let me know if this work or didn’t work for you. Did you tweak it? How do you get organized for success in your passion (s)? 


P.S. #LoveLatoya ❤

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