How to Find Your Passion(s)


So what does “passion” really mean? Merriam-Webster certainly has many definitions, but let’s stick to the one I’m referring to: a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept.

Why does this word hold so much weight that it paralyzes so many of us to act? I know it’s most certainly frustrating when people advise you to “just follow your passion!” especially when you don’t know what it is! I think it holds so much weight because we expect it to be life altering, earth shattering and a singular major focus (See post How to Divide Your Focus for Success) in our lives – while this may be true, a passion or passions can be so simple that we walk right past it! I once met a friend, who’s passion was to raise and breed birds for sale! So be open, unafraid and judge-free to discover your passion(s). 

Here are some tips that may help you to find your passion. It has helped me along my own journey…


Surround yourself with people who ARE passionate about what they are doing! This might in turn inspire you to be open to the idea that you too can pursue your passion. Surrounding yourself with people such as this does not have to be literal (if you are unable to meet such people in real life) however, there are avenues such as social media (friends in your head) where you can follow them and be inspired by their work. 

Here are some of my favorites:

Patricia Bright or her Website here

ItsMyRayeRaye or her YouTube here 

ShamelessMya or her Website here

Blakizbeautyful or her Website here

LoveBrownSugar or here Website here


Take inventory of your own life experiences. What have you done in your life that made you light up? Don’t disregard your feelings and don’t disregard when you felt those feelings. These moments matter (and sometimes they are disguised as impossible feats). 


If you find yourself scatter-brained and there are several passions, consider a way to mend them under a single umbrella or two. Consider: How can I make my several passions work for me? For example, I once met a person who was a doctor AND a lawyer! Needless to say, I was inspired and shocked. Using myself as an example, I too have been able to make my careers work for me. 


Decide whether you’ve discovered a wonderful hobby or profitable passion. Either, will bring you joy (which is important). Now consider who would benefit from (and pay for) this? Who would be your audience? How would your passion bring value to others? Also, consider what you would need to do to make it all happen i.e. seminars, higher education, apprenticeship, license, practice, etc. Furthermore, when considering the work that goes into building a profitable passion, be realistic in regards to your commitment: will the work you have to put in outweigh your sheer enjoyment of it? This is not a deterrent, just something to be aware about. 


Do not be discouraged. You will be met with self-doubt, fears and questioning of your own abilities. This is absolutely normal. You will also be met with external naysayers – this too is absolutely normal. If you let these voices enter your mind and dictate your actions, then you will let your passion(s) slip by you. If you notice here, I focus on “YOU.” You are the one in control of how you allow yourself to be affected by negative thoughts – OWN YOUR CHOICES. 


Commit. Commit. Commit. Are you committed to your happiness? Are you committed to your freedom? Be open to expand your comfort zone. Discover what works for you. Find your groove in your passion. I promise you will be glad you did. 

All in all, do not be afraid to ask questions! Ask those who you see who are living in their passions. After all, closed mouths don’t get fed. Let’s take the weight off of the word passion in order to pursue. There’s a place in this world for your passion(s) to materialize. There’s more than enough room for all of us to achieve our dreams! 


P.S. #LoveLatoya ❤

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  • Kelan

    Great article! Super easy to read and full of awesome tips for finding your passion.

    Long story short…..I (Kelan) wanted to be a police officer my entire life! I got my first job as a Jail Deputy which was right in line with a career in law enforcement. I worked at the Jail for over 2 1/2 years. The first year was fine the second year tore me up and the last 6 months I was in a very bad spot. The environment, hours, stress, and not seeing my wife pointed me in a different direction in life.

    After leaving the Jail and giving up an offer to transfer to the Road Patrol I completely lost my identity. Over the past year I have finally found my passion again, it is the most invigorating feeling in the world! I have been a side hustle entrepreneur my whole life. Selling phone boosters in middle school, selling anything I could get my hands on bBay, and running a $50,000+ a year in revenue e-commerce business while in college.

    I have found my passion once again! I am totally committed to making it work this time around. Thanks for the motivation! Loved this article =)

    • Wow! Those 2.5 years sounded rough! 😥 I bet that felt like someone pulled the rug right from under you with no mercy – I can totally relate. That’s how I felt after going to law school and lost all interest in being a lawyer (even though I stuck it out and still became one lol). That whole “losing your identity” is soul crushing – I am glad you were able to find your way again 👏

      Thank you for reading and commenting 😊

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