LIFESTYLE: How You Living?


I am living well! Lifestyle is just what that means – LIFESTYLE. Let’s break it down…

The term lifestyle can denote the interests, opinions, behaviors, and behavioral orientations of an individual, group, or culture. Simple enough. What does lifestyle mean to you? 



MY lifestyle

The lifestyle section of this blog will capture some parts of my life. An example, a window into my life – whether it be for your entertainment, encouragement, motivation, etc. I just want to share. I greatly despise the idea of being boxed in AND limited. I truly believe we are all capable of many great things – we have to do & try; and then get better at it. ALBEIT, it may not be an easy feat.


Lifestyle may be a bit more tidbits of my personal life – my health & fitness struggles, my friendships, relationship and simply my place on this big blue planet in relation to all else.



Also, let’s be honest, lifestyle is a catchall term. Open and honest is my rule of thumb here. So thank you for joining me on Poochi’s Place.  😊


P.S. #LoveLatoya ❤

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