Why SELF-CARE is Necessary: Love Yourself



Why is Self-Care Necessary?

Honestly, how many of us work work work work work until we’re burned out? *shamefully raises hand* We are all guilty of this, one way or another; I know I am. Always feeling what we’re doing is not enough. We’re stuck on repeat: with a subconscious mantra “I must keep going because I have so much to do”; then we see memes such as “Beyoncè has the same 24 hours that you do.” So we are left feeling less than and inadequate, so we continue on that same burned out grind to play catch up!


You must understand that you should rest hard as much as you work hard. The energy source we tap into is unlimited, however, our physical bodies are limited. As the old adage says “we’re only human” and that means our human bodies need rest, regularly. It’s imperative that we learn that it is OK to slow down in order to take time to rest, rejuvenate and then return.


I know. I know. So you feel there is much to be done, and you know what: there will always be much to be done – so relax. If you choose to rest, it will not prevent you from working towards your goals nor will it hinder you. Trust me. What it will do is allow you to keep going and to keep going stronger. To feel guilty for not doing something that you think you should be doing is a vicious cycle. This guilt that we carry is subconsciously suffocating our nature to rest. So let it go!


So you made a mistake? So what! Forgive yourself, learn from it and grow from it. It is neither helpful nor is it effective to be so hard on yourself. Honestly, it is more detrimental to your wellbeing. Since you are your own worst critic, you will beat yourself up unfairly which is a natural disaster to the self-esteem. So be kind to yourself. Offer yourself compassion and accept it because kindness to self creates a healthy sense of self; which in turn will allow you to do more, effectively.  


Ding! Ding! Ding! You already know that you are responsible for your own health, but it still has to be said: Be good to your body and mind, it is CRITICAL. This is about being mindful of your body’s needs and focusing on being both physically and mentally strong. Your body can only take so much, yea you can push it and push it allllll the way to its limits; but you know what, too much of pushing can lead to breaking. Now why would you want to break your body down? I know, you don’t. So take some time and take care of yourself! 


So what if this is cliche? It’s cliche for a reason ~coughs*ehhem~ maybe because there is some truth to it. Even if you don’t believe the positive thinking you’re making yourself think (right now), it’s practice. Imagine, it’s like exercising an under worked muscle – a weak bicep, it feels weird and unnatural at first, simply because it hasn’t been used in a while; but after consistent practice and use, it becomes natural again and soon you will wonder how and why it took you so long to get back to this place. Love yourself enough to allow yourself to think positively, give yourself a chance to be a great version of yourself because positively believing in positive things about yourself will help to get you there. 


Take a deep breath and self-care naturally. No need to force relaxation, that would just defeat the purpose. When you decide to self-care, truly self-care. Embrace it all and let your self-care time be only that. We can make excuses for why we can’t self-care and we can make excuses for why we can self-care. I think one is more natural than the other and I’m pretty sure you know which side of the fence I am an advocate for. So just embrace it! 


Ultimately, self-care is necessary because it allows you, all of you (mind, body and soul) to operate at your best. To function at your highest. To be the best you can be in your life’s pursuits…so take care to self-care.


Why is self-care necessary to you? Do you practice self-care regularly? Share your experience below!

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