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This blog is all about how I am building and combining careers. I am a Model, Actress, Interior Designer, Realtor and Attorney. We’re always told to choose one passion, pick ONE thing! I find that to be extremely limiting and paralyzing because how can you pick just one thing when you’re multi-faceted with several interests?? HOW?  I don’t have the answer to that. What I do know is that the most successful people have found a way to combine several of their interests without stifling any of their loves – and that’s what I aim to do. With this blog, I will show you that it is possible to be one of those successful people.

I hope this blog with be an inspirational resource to those out there feeling lost and stuck.

Why did I call this blog “Poochi’s Place” when my name is Latoya? “Poochi” is my childhood nickname (and I am still called this today by my family and close childhood friends). I chose to call my blog this name because Poochi feels like home to me. Ironically, as a child I hated this name! However, as an adult, I love this nickname. It encompasses all of who I am: from being that shy little girl I once was to being that not so shy determined woman that I am today. Poochi’s Place is where you will get all of how I came to be.



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